Candy Floss Machine Hire – Strawberry Filled Candy.

Candy Floss Machine Hire

    candy floss

  • Cotton candy (U.S.) or candyfloss (UK, Ireland New Zealand and South Africa) or fairy floss (Australia) is a form of spun sugar. Since it is mostly air, servings are large. Cotton candy is often served at fairgrounds or circuses. Food coloring is used to change the natural white color.
  • Cotton candy. Hmmm, candy floss. Flossing with candy. Something not orthidontically right with that image.
  • The British term for “cotton candy”.


  • A coin-operated dispenser
  • turn, shape, mold, or otherwise finish by machinery
  • an efficient person; “the boxer was a magnificent fighting machine”
  • An apparatus using or applying mechanical power and having several parts, each with a definite function and together performing a particular task
  • Any device that transmits a force or directs its application
  • any mechanical or electrical device that transmits or modifies energy to perform or assist in the performance of human tasks


  • Employ (someone) for wages
  • Employ for a short time to do a particular job
  • rent: hold under a lease or rental agreement; of goods and services
  • Make oneself available for temporary employment
  • engage or hire for work; “They hired two new secretaries in the department”; “How many people has she employed?”
  • a newly hired employee; “the new hires need special training”

candy floss machine hire

candy floss machine hire – Nespresso D120-US-BK-NE

Nespresso D120-US-BK-NE CitiZ Automatic Single-Serve Espresso Maker and Milk Frother, Limousine Black
Nespresso D120-US-BK-NE CitiZ Automatic Single-Serve Espresso Maker and Milk Frother, Limousine Black
CitiZ&milk is equipped with an Aeroccino, dedicated to milk based lovers. Intuitive and user friendly, CitiZ&milk prepares an infinite number of coffee recipes at the touch of a button. Automatic and programmable coffee quantity (Espresso and Lungo) Dedicated space for coffee preparation Integrated milk frothing device for Cappuccino and Latte: Aeroccino whisk storage space Dimensions: 9.3 by 11 by 14-3/5-inch/ 23-2/3 by 27-2/3 by 37-1/5 cm (W by H by D) Capsule container Dimensions: 5 by 11 by 14-3/5-inch/13 by 27-2/3 by 37-1/5 cm (W by H by D).

The candy floss machine

The candy floss machine
The Candy Queens’ star of the show – the machine. We couldn’t do it without our beautiful candy floss machine. Hire Candy Queens to provide gourmet candy floss and sparkles for your event.

Green Candy Floss

Green Candy Floss
Love Candy Floss does many colours of Candy Floss just ask us!

candy floss machine hire

Work for Hire
Tekla’s law school career couldn’t be any better. She has top grades. She’s on Law Review. She’s a frontrunner in a mock oral argument with a sweet prize: a judicial clerkship. One problem, though: Tekla has no more money to pay for school. She needs a part-time job. Fast.

Luckily, her roommate has just the solution: help two uber-wealthy prep school teens, the twin son and daughter of a billionaire Wall Street short-seller and a world-renowned model turned fashion photographer, with their schoolwork, and earn $150 an hour. Plus, enjoy an additional perk on the job, in the form of a gorgeous photo assistant who happens to have his eye on Tekla.

Easy money.

Well, not so much. Within days, Tekla’s job begins to unravel. In a world of super-wealth and high fashion, Tekla finds herself surrounded by a peculiar cast of players: two teens whose self-destructive behavior becomes ever more erratic, a father whose ambitions for his son constantly test Tekla’s notions of what is fair and ethical and what is cheating, a mother whose emotional negligence borders on abuse, and a gorgeous man who may or may not be what he appears.

As Tekla struggles to hold onto a job that takes more time and energy than she ever anticipated, her own school life begins to suffer. She makes an enemy of a professor who seems to want nothing more than to bring her down. And he’s succeeding. Soon Tekla’s life is a paradox: without her high paying part-time job, she can’t afford law school; but with it, she’ll surely flunk out of school.